Advanced Tier Ranking System For Premier League Players Participating In The World Cup
"I can’t put it into words. We know how big this game is, the history between the two clubs, and also looking at the table, how big it would be if we…
“The fans may dream but we’re not. We have to keep our feet on the ground and then face that our game has a lot to improve.”
“There are always other opinions and negativity and criticism because the results haven’t been positive. That’s part of the job and part of the…
"I prefer not to speak. If I speak I am In big trouble & I don't want to be in big trouble"
West Ham did not spend over £160million ($193.3m) to perform this poorly. How would an objective outside observer fix West Ham?
"We have players, we have a lot of accompanying players. It's do we have the players that can give us the performances and the consistency we need to be…
"I haven’t made a choice. It’s the general appeal of the Premier League and the level of play that attracts me most. It fits my qualities."
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The Talisman